Vendor Contract

At Karyn’s Vendor Events, we make vendor show opportunities available to a variety of vendors that in turn, we hope will bring you success. Our primary client base is private communities which we have built relationships with our point of contact. Our goal is to bring shopping events to their residents on their property and for their enjoyment. We also work with a limited number of public venues for similar shows, but open to the public. Our over 10 years’ experience has given us insight into many things that do and don’t work in the partnership between vendors and vendor coordinators and vendor coordinators and communities. We strive to bring a professional show to make our clients want us to come back, and to give you the best opportunity as a vendor to succeed. Your participation, understanding and adherence to the following guidelines will help us achieve this goal! Initial, sign and return PRIOR to your participation in any shows. The contract will remain valid until a replacement contract is signed.

Show Times:

_______                Show times are generally 3-4 hours in duration with setup taking place 1 ½ hours prior to the start of a show. Vendors should have their displays completed and wagons, totes and backstock stowed under their tables 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. Late arrival for setup can result in forfeiture of your space without a refund. No early breakdowns!

Promotion of events:

_______                The shows in private communities are promoted by the community administrative staff. They are closed to the public, so please do not advertise either by social media or newsletters to your customers that you are there for them to come shop with you. The residents of the community we are in will be your customers for the day! Currently we have two clients that we provide vendors for their open-to-the-public events – Ave Maria and Shangri-la. You may promote your participation on your social media or in your newsletters. Additionally, we will have the occasional Quarter Auction that is open to the public and you’ll know these by the gray & yellow logo that says Quarter Auction – Open to the Public. For those, please feel free to invite guests and friends!

Your Display and Area:

_______                We have both indoor and outdoor shows. Expectations are similar in either situation.

_______              Indoor: You will generally need your table(s) (usual maximum tables is 2 unless you are a boutique – then 1 table and number of racks will depend on overall space provided for the show) with cloth table covers that extend to the floor/ground – unwrinkled. (Table covers that tend to wrinkle can be neatly folded and transported on skirt or pant hangars. There are wrinkle remover sprays on the market – test what you get in advance to understand how they work and test their effectiveness. No specific color for table covers is expected. Branded table covers or runners are okay. No 8-foot tables!! Standard 6-foot tables are accepted and you may want to consider 4 foot tables for flexibility in how you can configure a set up that is conducive to the space being provided. Generally, chairs are provided for indoor shows. Some locations are outdoor but under a roof cover so that you may need to bring a chair with you. The individual set up emails will specify.

_______                Outdoor: In addition to items in the previous section, you will need your tent with mandatory leg weights of 20 pounds per tent leg. The easiest to transport and secure to your tent legs is the canvas leg weights that can be filled with sand and attached with Velcro straps. You will also need a chair for outdoor shows. The number of tables or racks to display are what will fit within your 10’ x 10” tent. Branded tents are okay, and no specific color of tent is required. We have a limited number of tents available for rent. Current tent rental fee is $30 and is subject to change.

_______                Product Display:  Your display should always be neat and tidy. Never use stickers to display pricing unless it can be secured to the bottom of the item. Only signs with a professional look are appropriate. Scraps of paper with a price written on it are NOT acceptable. If you have a price menu, have it typed, printed and in a proper display such as a stand or laminated. If you are promoting a Show Special, please be clear as to what the special is and what inventory it applies to. With inventory, know (and practice) alternate set up or display options so you can accommodate tables in various configurations such as an L configuration. Also, more is not always better – step back and look at your display!

_______                Unloading & loading: Approach the unloading area in an orderly way to unload – keep your fellow vendors in mind by pulling up as close to the vehicle ahead of you while still maintaining distance for them to open the back of their vehicle to unload. Stay to the right of the drive-in space so as to not block vehicle passage. Unload your table(s) and supplies to the unloading area (sidewalk or entry), keeping items consolidated for foot traffic. Immediately move your car to the parking assigned and return to the drop-off area to start your setup. YOU are responsible for unloading your tables, chairs and supplies.

_______                When the show is over, you will break down your display and only when all is broken-down and ready to load into your vehicle will you bring your vehicle back into the drop-off area. Everyone is equally anxious to close the show, but things will move along much faster if cars don’t just “hold a spot” in the loading zone. YOU are responsible for loading your tables, chairs and supplies.

Attire Requirements:

_______                Your set up email will tell you the appropriate attire category for the show Additionally, please make sure you abstain from revealing clothing, pay particular attention to your grooming and avoid wearing strong body scents. Clothing with your logo are okay. No novelty clothing please! Remember, you are representing your business and ours, so personal appearance is important! A name badge is okay but not usually required.

Dressy: Ladies – skirts, dresses, or slacks. Gents – collared shirt with slacks. Footwear to follow the category – no tennis shoes! No hats at indoor events are allowed.

Resort Wear: Ladies – skorts, skirts, dresses (sun dresses okay but watch how revealing), collared or un-collared shirts but no tee shirts! Gents – Shorts okay with collared shirt. Tennis shoes or sandals okay (clean footwear please!).

Business Casual: Follow description for Dressy but no long slacks required. Collared shirts are preferred for gentlemen. Tennis shoes are okay – but neat and clean.

Casual: Shorts and tees are okay. Still should be neat and clean. No political or offensive lettering on tee shirts or hats. Neat and clean.

Your on-site contact:

_______                You will be under the direction of the on-site vendor coordinator (Karyn’s Vendor Events) or assigned lead vendor. You will be responsible for following directions regarding set up and breaking down, as well as behavior during the show. You are running your business as a part of the event, but you are also representing our business and have been invited by us to participate in the show. Follow directions as they pertain to setting up, vehicle unloading and parking, breaking down (no early breaking down unless instructed by Karyn’s Vendor Events representative).

_______                Feedback or questions about any show, will come through your on-site contact – NOT the lifestyle director.

_______                We survey vendors at the conclusion of every show with a 1-5 rating. 1 is low score for your level of success and a 5 indicating a very good show. We will never ask how much money you made – that is your business!

Registration for events:

_______                Our website has a Vendor Calendar that allows you to request participation in any given show. Please review the posting to see if it is an inside or outside show before you register. Some shows are outside but under cover. Fashion shows will also require a door prize donation with a minimum value of $25. Remember, the item you select as a door prize represents YOUR business!

_______                Sending a registration request will not automatically get you on the schedule. We will review all requests and reply with a status – either we’ve added you to the schedule, we’ve had to put you on the waiting list, or we decline the request. There are many factors that go into considering vendors.  Too many cancellations can impact your ability to register going forward.

_______                Each vendor must register independently. If you want to share a space – especially an outside event where we have tents set up, you may share your tent if you wish but each vendor is responsible for their own vendor fee.

_______                Most of our shows are behind gates in private communities. Please provide the name of the individual who will be covering the show. We must provide a list of names for the gatehouse in advance!

_______                You will see that we have private events on the website that carry no Registration Request button for you to request space. Vendors for these shows will be by invitation only based on the requests/requirements for those shows.

Vendor fees:

_______                You will be invoiced in advance of the event. Your payment is expected in advance – no late payments. PAYMENT IS DUE WHEN INVOICED REGARDLESS OF THE DATE OF THE EVENT. We utilize Square invoices, Venmo (@karyn-brooks-4), Zelle (Karyn Brooks with phone of 239-281-2539 – do NOT use the business email!) and PayPal ( is the account).

_______                Vendor fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable UNLESS we must cancel the show or change the date due to weather or other circumstance, and the new date is not one you can attend.

_______                If you find you are unable to follow through with your commitment for a show, don’t ignore the invoice, let us know! We expect when you register, your schedule allows you to participate, you are ready to make a commitment and ready to make payment. We will be invoicing at the time of acceptance. At 3 days if payment is not made, you will receive a final notice. Non-payment forfeits your space.

_______                We do NOT collect a portion of your sales! You pay a flat fee per vendor space. If you have a large set up, inquire about purchasing double vendor space.

_______                We have a limited number of tents available for the current rental rate of $30 that includes the tent being brought on site, erected including the required leg weights, and taken down at the end of the show. They are on a first-come, first-serve basis and will NOT be available at all locations.


_______                You are encouraged to carry insurance for your vending activities. Our insurance does not cover your injury to another or property damage whether caused by vehicle, tent or cart, etc.

_______                We do not insure your person, vehicle or property at these events. You are responsible for loading your items into your vehicle.

Prohibited: The following applies to all shows UNLESS otherwise noted in your setup email.

_______                No alcohol consumption or drug use before or during the show.

_______                No smoking in the vendor area – including vapes of any kind.

_______                No children should be with you during the show.

_______                No pets should be with you. Some locations we may be able to get prior approval for a service dog by submitting documents in advance. They are never appropriate at an indoor show.

_______                No early breakdowns.

_______                No vulgar language. No display of rudeness to guests.

_______                No complaining, whining or negative communications during a show. After a show you can share your comments with your on-site contact. All feedback should come to Karyn’s Vendor Events representative and not to staff, residents or lifestyle director of a community or guests of an event. You never know who can overhear your gossip or comments, even if you think you are privately speaking to another vendor. Your comments could be insulting to a resident or staff member. Think of it as being a guest in someone’s home – which we are in a sense!

_______                No revealing clothing. Follow the guidelines for attire. You are welcome to bring clothes to change into if it helps you in the set up and/or tear down process.

_______                Non-compete – Vendor coordination is our business and as such, we ask that you honor our clients and contacts. We expect that our business information be respected. Should you wish to start a business such as ours, you agree you will not solicit our active accounts but rather seek to secure your own client base. Loss of income we incur because of violating these terms will be pursued.

_______                No hawking which means you will be respectful of your neighboring vendor and not draw a guest’s attention away from their display to bring them to your selling area.

_______                If food is available for purchase, purchases are your financial responsibility. No consumption of alcoholic beverages during the show. Watch how your food bill for your order is printed. Often the private communities will automatically add a gratuity.  Payment is made with a debit or credit card. Most places (private communities) unless it is a public venue, cannot take cash.

Name: _____________________________Signature_______________________________Date________

The details contained within will not be repeated in the setup emails – but do apply to all events! Keep this information with you for reference as well as the setup email with the event location and details specific to that day’s show.

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