Welcome vendors!

We strive to bring you quality opportunities for you to promote your business and sell your wares.

We are always looking for vendors willing to present in a professional way, bring their cooperative attitude as well as their enthusiasm! We specialize in gated communities during season but do have some events in the off-season as well.

Always email your scheduling requests to Texting, Facebook message and phone messages only manage to confuse things. Asking to be scheduled for an event while at another event will not guarantee your space either. Our focus is on the event at hand – so always, always, always email your requests so we can follow up with you!

Please refer your friends. We look for artists, crafters, authors, business owners and more – for all kinds of event styles!

Events vary. Sometimes you will need your own table and sometimes they will be provided. Most events are indoor but we will specify if an event is outdoor and whether or not a tent is required. If an indoor event, you are paying for a single table space. If there is room to give you extra space for a rack or additional small (max 4′) table to set up an L configuration, it will be specified in the setup email. Do not assume space will be made for you if you come with extra fixtures but no prior authorization. To make sure you have secured 2 table spaces if desired, request 2 spaces and a double fee will apply.

We ask that you promote a Show Special at each event to spark interest and engage customers! Please make sure you have signage that identifies what your show special is for the day!

Vendors register for themselves and their product line. Vendor space is generally not shared – the exception might be if there is an outdoor event requiring a tent, 2 vendors may choose to share the space, but each vendor is responsible for paying a participation fee.

We invoice you from our Square account. Invoices go out approximately 6 weeks in advance of the event date. Your payment is expected to reserve your space. There are no refunds unless we need to cancel the event for some reason. There are no transfer of fees paid to another event. When we schedule you, we are counting on you. Your last minute cancellation means we have extra work to do to fill your space!

Set up emails go out in the days leading up to an event – that will have particulars about that event – including location address, where to unload, proper attire for the location or event style and other details.

There will be directives as to your attire for the event.

Casual can be shorts and tees. Business Casual should be no tee shirts, collared shirts only. Dressy can be dressy slacks for the ladies, skirts or dresses. Men should have collared shirts or button-down. No cargo pants. Gentlemen should never have hats on inside. In all cases – clothing and shoes should be clean and neat. No revealing clothing please.

  • If it is noted a No Denim Policy – please respect the community’s guidelines.

Smoking is not allowed under any circumstances at events – this includes e-cigarettes!

No children should accompany you to an event.

No pets (even service animals) without prior approval by the community or venue in which we are working. We generally are working on private property so yes, they have the final say!

Your equipment (tables, chairs, fixtures) should be clean and safe for guests and other vendors around you. Tents if needed, require a minimum of 25 pounds of weights per tent leg. You may have as many tables inside your tent space as is safe. Do not assume additional tables or signs can be set up outside the tent.

Very important – We expect professional behavior and a cooperative effort to follow the rules and directives of the community as we know them, responding to the requests of the coordinator or lead vendor at the event, respect for your fellow vendors, and a positive support of the event you are participating in. Your personal business or vending business should not be discussed in front of residents of the private communities. All questions, comments, complaints, suggestions, and conversations about an event needs be brought to Karyn’s Vendor Events. Behavior outside these guidelines can cost you your space and a forfeiture of your fee.