Event Styles

Home & Garden Shows

Interesting vendors that will sell their wares or promote their business services for the home as well as your outside space.

Fashion Shows

We provide the shopping enhancement to any fashion show with event appropriate vendors! We also work with some of your favorite boutiques who are proud to bring you a professionally presented fashion show for your residents. Your fashion show can have a theme or be designed to show casual, resort and party wear. We do fashion shows around a luncheon or, as a change of pace and often well received, a late afternoon or evening show. Residents can participate as models and the boutiques will work with them for their fittings as well as have all that they need organized for the day of the event.

A trunk show or sip & shop or a wine down Wednesday – however you want to label your event – it has the shopping associated with a fashion show but in a social setting and without the muss and fuss of a more formal setting, organizing models, etc. We bring fashion and beauty vendors. You choose the time and setting. It can be a part of a ladies luncheon or a social hours later in the afternoon. It can have a holiday theme or no theme at all other than ladies enjoying themselves and having the opportunity to shop brought to them! You can offer light bites and beverages or let residents bring their own refreshments.

Holiday Shops

Whether you are looking for a social sip and shop, a market-style holiday shop or more of an art and craft with a holiday theme, we have the resources to bring you the holiday shop you desire. We can coordinate with a community tree lighting, a ladies luncheon, or schedule as a stand-alone event.

Let’s bring together local crafters for your residents to enjoy! We have a wonderful variety of vendors who are crafters and novice artists with items for the home, for children or as gifts.


As a stand-alone or as part of your outdoor event or festival! We can bring artisans, crafters and business owners together – each providing their own tents. Want a marketplace indoors? We can do that too …. just minus the tents~

Local artists with different mediums. Canvas, glass, wood, metal, fiber, jewelry and more. We bring the smaller version of what you can see at the public art walks. All artists will have their items available for sale! Consider scheduling this early in the season to whet the appetite for the public art events.

Whatever the theme, whatever the excuse to get the girls together – we can bring the shopping fun to enhance your event.

People love their pets and love to show them off. And pets love hanging out with their owners and socializing too! If your residents would enjoy this type event, we bring vendors with pet-based products and services. You organize the social hour and watering holes for the peeps and the pets!

Quarter Auctions

What the heck is a Quarter AuctionWell it is a raffle-style auction a traditional auction.

As a quarter auction participant, you’ll want to arrive at doors open time – bring a supply of quarters and your friends! We recommend a couple rolls of quarters.

When you arrive, you’ll get your bid paddle. When you rent your paddle(s), a poker chip matching your paddle number(s) will go into a container used to draw winning numbers throughout the event.

You will also have an opportunity to visit the individual vendor tables to register for door prizes. The vendors will also have cash and carry items for sale! Vendors will be representing their businesses and will have a variety of products or services.

When the auction begins, each auction item will be presented and “auctioned”, one by one. You will use your quarters and paddles to bid, but no fear! You do not try to out-bid others, but rather bid quarters (typically 2-3) on the item for a chance to win that item!

Once you toss the required number of quarters into bowls on the table you raise your paddle in the air. We will begin drawing numbers from the numbered chips matching the paddles. If the announcer calls your number and if you have bid, you win! If the number called wasn’t played, numbers continue to be pulled until a number is called for someone who had bid and had their paddle in the air! Then on to the next auction item.

Bid on everything! A great way to potentially squirrel away items in your gift closet for those unexpected hostess, thank you or birthday gifts!

Usually there are 2 auction rounds with a break between the rounds (to make sure you’ve registered for the door prizes).  The auction rounds are followed by the door prize round.