Quarter Auctions-Vendor Info

A great way to promote your business in a fun environment!

Public: The public quarter auctions you are allowed to participate as a bidder and purchase drawing tickets if offered.

Private Community: Vendors do not play as bidders or participate in the guest activities. It is strictly an opportunity for you to sell your cash & carry items and provide 2 auction items and a small door prize.

The information below gives you an idea of how to prepare as a quarter auction vendor.


  • Bring a table cloth for your display table if tables are provided (you will be notified if you are required to bring your own), 2 auction items (MINIMUM value $25) and one door prize item. (Quarters bid on your items will come back to you to help offset the cost of doing this marketing event). Value of the door prize can be small $2-$5 – even mini size of your product or samples is acceptable.

Prior to the event:

If a public event – Personally invite – this is a joint effort and is required of the charity as well. The benefit of inviting is to expand the contacts & possibly increase amount of quarters.

Private events means we are in a gated community and the community promotes the event. We do not invite the general public to these events!

Have all your supplies on hand including a non-fitted table cover, business materials, contact information sheets, order forms or receipts, cash to make change and/or ability to take a credit card. A small stamp will work for “signing” the door prize slips, a container for your quarters.

Have an idea of your auction items and door prize. You may want to change up the auction items after you are able to “read” the room and determine product overlap with other vendors. Present items that are uniquely yours. Remember you are representing your business – if you cheapen your auction item and try to “Wow” guests with dollar store items – they will know it. Consider your presentation.

Prepare your personal introduction so it is professionally presented. Dress appropriately for the event.

~Plan to arrive at the venue at the appointed set up time with your table ready for business by the time doors are open for guests.

~Setting up your vendor table. Depending on the venue, you may need to erect your table. Some venues set up for us, others do not.

~The guests will arrive to purchase their bid paddle (or paddles!) from the charity for $3 each, and have opportunity to buy 50/50 tickets. Guests will begin to make their way around all of the vendor tables. The vendor shopping will proceed until ½ hour past doors open time, at which time everyone will find their seat and get ready to bid!

~Door prizes. You will be given a table number. Guests will receive a slip requesting their email information and designed with numbered lines that will correspond with your table number. Guests will visit each vendor table and you will “sign-off” on the line corresponding with your table number. When the guest has collected all the signatures, they turn the slip in for a door prize drawing at the end of the evening.

~Public events only – Support the charity and your fellow vendors by renting a paddle and playing along! You would like their support too, so reciprocate! Private community events we are not allowed to play – this is for the residents only.

~When it’s your turn to present – be fun & energetic! Introduce yourself and your company. Describe your auction item, give its retail value and indicate the number of quarters you are asking for each bid.  Show off your item and make sure NOT to leave the stage until you’ve collected all your quarters. You will bring your item directly to the winner. Every vendor will have TWO AUCTION ITEMS and one door prize.

~Be prepared with a thought-out description of your auction item.

~You are responsible to help with cleaning up and restoring the venue to how it was presented to us. Do not leave early – you could forfeit future opportunities.

In summary – It is just like a regular cash & carry event only 2 of items you choose will be sold in the auction to the bid winner. The only donation you are asked to make is a door prize which can be a sample or other item, something small with your business card.

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